Ultimate Driving Estate Group

UD Estate Group is an Unofficial Wikia for Ultimate Driving. This is the "Ultimate" Wikia to choose the house that fits you in Ultimate Driving, even if it's located somewhere in UD: Westover Islands, UD: Odessa, UD: Noyon, or anywhere else. We've got you covered with Comparisons such as Loudness, Crime Rate, Room Sizes, Streets, Attractions, and more! We do much more then finding you a house through, we explain in-depth about Buildings aswell, such as Hospitals, Fire Departments, Police Stations, and more!

Fire Safety

UD Estate Group is also about Fire Safety. Most fires are in vacant homes. However, if you decide to own a House here's some tips on keeping the Fire Department from having to put it out, aswell if you have quite the High Bounty, that can get you in quite the sticky situation when Police comes.

We recommend the following;

  • Turn off the Oven, Microwave, and Fireplace
  • Do not ignite Car boosts near the House

We recommend the following if your house does ignite on fire;

  • Do not go near the Fire, it will lead a One way Ticket to being burnt to death
  • If it wasn't spotted by Fire Department (IF they're even online) then dial 9-1-1
  • Do not leave the Area unless required to by Emergency Services or if no Emergency Services are online/responding to the Fire

You don't need to follow the instructions for the 2nd one, this is because Ultimate Driving doesn't enforce Roleplaying, that's because it's about Driving. you're allowed to Role-play as shown in the steps above, however DO NOT force Role-play on another person. Read this topic about Roleplaying on Ultimate Driving.

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